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HTML5 and CSS3 for Philips

2 days of training at Philips, Bangalore between 30th to 31st of May 2016, on HTML5 and CSS3. You may download the examples used during the classroom practice from here: You may also have a look at some useful

Hibernate+Spring for HP Bangalore

The course was conducted between March 28th to April 1st 2016.   Here are the eclipse projects from my laptop: Hibernate examples Spring basics Spring MVC The jars have not been deleted, so that you can download and import the

Modern Web Technologies (Unisys, Sep 2015)

Here is the download links for the examples demonstrated during the training “Modern Web Technologies” conducted at Unisys between 2nd and 8th September 2015. I hope the training was helpful. Download the examples from here: *I have deleted the

Understanding JSONP

JSONP or JSON with padding is a concept to share data to a page from a different origin. If you are writing a JavaScript code to get data from a domain that is different from where the script was loaded, it