Why do you get the error - nodemon is not working?

Setting the path to the node executatbles.

I came across with an issue with executing the nodemon command, which was working fine. I guess I had messed with the PATH environment variable, accidentally.

I tried reinstalling the “nodemon” again with the following command:

npm install -g nodemon

Didn’t have luck!

Tried updating using:

npm update -g nodemon

Didn’t work.

Tried uninstalling and installing again. No result.

Then it suddenly struck that probably its not found in the PATH. So to add the path to npm modules directory, I had to find the path.

The following command helped me to do so.

npm config get prefix

Which printed the path to the npm modules – “C:\Users\Vinod\AppData\Roaming\npm” and I added it to my computer’s PATH environment variable. And everything is fine from there.


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