The Business Model

This website hosts many self learning software courses. As of today, all the courses are free. Some of them are still being updated, and many more to come in the near future. At some point in time, we will introduce premium courses for very reasonable prices. These premium courses will be bundled with concept videos, reading materials, coding demonstrations, miniature projects, assignments, quiz questions, FAQs, interview questions, and many more such features. And, did I mention, you can make a huge passive income too?

Anyone with a Facebook account can join for FREE!

The Facebook account is used only for signing in. There are two reasons for this:
1. Facebook uses a is very sofisticated authentication mechanism
2. We don't want you to create and memorize yet another username/password combination

If you have been referred by someone, when you sign up, you will be part of the referrer's network. The referrer is known as your sponsor. By default, a member can have a maximum of 3 downlines directly under him/her (frontline).

So, if your sponsor has less than 3 downlines, then you will be one of the direct downline of your sponsor. And, if your sponsor has more than 3 downlines, then you will become a downline of someone in your sponsor's network.

An example network

Any more people referred by a sponsor will be placed under someone in his/her downlines. Because of this logic, you will have a quick increase in your network.

For example, it is possible that your uplines at various levels are promoting the business in their friend-circle, and many people may signup under them. Since there is a limit on the number of people in each level, the new members may also become your downline.

When your network starts growing, it grows into multiple levels. You will benefit from the first 10 levels of downlines.

In total your network will grow to have a maximum of 88,572 downlines. Once your network hits the saturation, your frontline limit will be increased by 1. New people you refer will be placed under this.


The following table illustrates the revenue being generated from various levels in your network. The amounts are calculated based on an approximate course fee of Rs.3500/- (USD 55)

Level Max. downlines Incentive Example Earnings
1 3 5% 525 8.3
2 9 5% 1575 24.8
3 27 5% 4725 74.3
4 81 6% 17010 267.3
5 243 6% 51030 801.9
6 729 6% 153090 2405.7
7 2187 9% 688905 10825.7
8 6561 9% 2066715 32477
9 19683 12% 8266860 129907.8
10 59049 12% 24800580 389723.4
Total: 88572 75% Rs.108153045 USD 1699547.9